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Fogd a Kezem Alapítvány (Hold My Hand Foundation) has been established in 1991, just around the regime and system change in Hungary. The NGO’s got more and more tasks from the government, and they became very strong social service providers already in few years. Now we have a culture of associations, foundations and other types of civil forms, where people gather to fulfill goals and help other people in need.

The Hold My Hand Foundation is working with mentally disabled (or more correctly called nowdays mentally challenged) adult people above 16 years, who fulfilled their compulsory education, and would like to work in a protected workshop environment. The Foundation operates a Work and Therapy Centre (Daycare Centre) and a Residential Home (Living Centre).

At the moment we have 40 mentally challenged colleagues in the Daycare Centre, they work in 5 different workshops (creative-paper, therapy, household, candle and assembly) with the professional workshop leaders (teacher, special pedagog, social educator, social worker, social assistant, etc.). In the Living Centre 9 mentally challenged people are living daily, that’s where they go home after working in the Daycare Centre. They don’t live with their parents, as the others, but usually go home to their families on the weekends (every weekend, or every 2. or 3. weekend).

Our motto is: „Hold my hand, and I’ll show the World, that it needs you!”, our goal is to help our mentally challenged colleagues to develop their skills, so they could live a valuable, good quality of life, as autonom as possible, to understand that their work, and what they do is worthy. We try to show the World and our society, that the mentally challenged people are just like any other person.

EVS at the Hold My Hand Foundation
Since 2001 we receive and send volunteers within the frame of EVS (European Volunteer Service). We have received volunteers from many countries from the EU and outside of EU, it has been a great experience. All of our volunteers are unique and special, they are dear to our hearts, we are very thankful to them and to their work and efforts, they put into their projects.
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About the EVS
„European Voluntary Service: For more than 20 years, the European Voluntary Service has given young people the opportunity to volunteer abroad. People contribute with their efforts to a cause they believe in – be it solidarity with refugees and migrants, work on environmental issues, activities for children or the elderly, cultural events, or a number of other topics. Anyone between 17 and 30 years old can take part and develop valuable skills and promote social cohesion in Europe. Every volunteer receives support to cover travel and living costs, as well as pocket money and insurance. The European Voluntary Service is one of the main building blocks of the new European Solidarity Corps.”
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Oszd meg Te is