The Hold my Hand Foundation’s Work and Therapy Centre (Daycare Centre) hosts the volunteer to support the activities of the disabled young people, the address: 7634 Pécs, Béla Kovács street 10. The Daycare Centre provides an institutional employment and development preparation for 40 persons, currently in five workshops: (candle, paper, creative, household and assembly type of hired labor). Employment is the cornerstone of the Foundation’s work, partially from the Foundation’s point of view, because we must strive more toward self-preservation, on the other hand from the point of view of the disabled young people working at our place, they get wages for their work, thereby increasing their self-esteem, self-evaluation, an important member of society, not living on welfare, but also adds to the joint. The volunteer spends the daily activities in one of these workshops together with our mentally disabled youngsters led by the workshop leader specialist. The volunteer has the opportunity to unfold his talents and individual skills within the workshop, we are open to his ideas.In the afternoons through daycare setting our youngsters are involved in recreational programs. The volunteers are welcome to organize and carry out such programs once in awhile in collaboration with our recreation specialist colleague. These programs will be organized in a free informal way, they participate in the occasions, who are interested in that specific topic (eg. cooking, watching movies, baking, photography, music and rhythm, etc). It’s proven, that we more effectively can learn the knowledge, what we learn in an informal way, and is better engraved, further, even we are able to remember until the end of our lives. As being an informal, free to choose programme, those, who are interested prefer more likely to participate, their motivation is more sustainable. For several years there has been going on artistic vocational training, therapy and work type of group sessions in the field of fine arts (Art Brut direction) and theater (movement, dance, drama, forum theater, play-back). These sessions regular occasions, usually on a monthly basis carried out in blocks, also before exhibition or performance the participants intensively preparing for that specific event. The volunteer can be involved in all activities, although we ask them to focus on one main project, which will be targeted as his project area. She/he can learn about theater workshop techniques or art techniques. „Project in the project” is the realisation of the volunteer’s own imagination, ideas, dreams in the framework of the existing human and material resources. The volunteer prepares the project plan, budget, organizes and manages the event, makes the promotional material, writes the project diary, administers with photographs, carries out the event, prepares a presentation, and evaluating the project together with the mentor and the coordinator. This is our program, which we have been using for several years within the EVS framework, an effective tool in the learning process, which the volunteer can utilize in his later work as well. During the one-year the volunteer gets ready for this, also we ensure through the activity, that the volunteer learns the necessary skills, that are necessary to implement smaller or larger projects even alone, with very little help. The most successful projects are incorporated in our work, we try to plant it into the daily operational activities, and also occasionally we hold EVS days, when we commemorate our ex-volunteers through these programs.